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Our Engineering dept. is equipped with CAD workstations for planning and issuing of production working drawings. The workstations are connected with the most advanced production systems. Planning is made by a solid modeller and to allow immediate display of planned working on the part. This grant a good cooperation with customers in order to better meet and satisfy their specific requirements .

With a Workshop area of 5.000 STAMPASS is introduced with great success in most of the semimanufactured sectors i.e.: office, home, shops and stores furnishing, lighting, agricultural machine, building, medium-light carpentry, mechanical and electromechanical parts. Stampass can act as prime contractor for the cutomer as well as they working processing purchase and assembles other components (plastics, rubbers, belts for metal insert to be foamed or not, etc..).Also completing the finish with chrome, coating and other treatments to obtain finished product assembled and packed. In our workshop we carry out: the sheet bending with numerical control machine, the pressing, the screws, the millings, TIG and MIG welding, and others light carpentry works. Using the modern laser devices we are able to cut sheet and tubes.

The production area is approx 4.000

Total area is approx 1.000

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