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STAMPASS is a company established in 1976 by Mr. Renzo Copetti after 20 years long experience in the Metal & Mechanical Sector.

Starting from planning and manufacturing of moulds for plate cold-working activity, the company has expanded his own specialization in medium-light carpentry and mechanical-electromechanical components production. Due to continuos and advanced technological researches, Stampass was also able to gain an important position on different industrial areas like home and office furnitures, lighting, agricultural machine components, building etc. Obtaining succesfully and positive results thanks to the production quality granted by the company and the relevant competitivity in terms of pricing and flexibility. Considering an efficient informatic production action plan and a staff of specialists, the company can operate on both the artisan (non-standard and limited range products) and the industrial market (drawing, shearing, blanking, punching, tapping, wire seam welding with automatic plant, with positioning worktable). STAMPASS today is provided by two Laser Cutting Devices; the one for sheet cutting and the second last generation high technology equipment for round, square, rectangular, oval tubes cutting and different open sections.

The electricity for the operation of plants is supplied by 200kw Photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the shed in 2010 .

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LT8 Tubes Laser Machines
This new system installed in January 2010 for the processing of round,square,rectangular, ovals tubes cutting and different open section, has innovative features for unprecedented speed and flexibility. Can achieve through working 3D complex junctions for structures.. read more

Bystronic 3015 sheet laser machine
Is a high technology plant productivity. The highest precision, flexibility, as well as the possibility of working different materials and thicknesses without any deformation, make this indispensable basic technology. Cuts made do not require recovery or further processing.. read more

The new photovoltaic system

To reduce air pollution and, at the same time, lower the cost of considerable amount of electricity used by laser machinery in 2010 Stampass has installed a photovoltaic system capable of 197,370 Kwp.

The system consists of 880 solar panels with polycrystalline silicon at 225 Wp each, and mounted on the roof of the factory in Bovisio (MB).
Thanks to this solution Stampass is up to obtain a saving of about half of the total energy used and, likewise, lowers cost by 50 percent.
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