LT8 Tubes Laser Machines

This new system installed in January 2010 for the processing of round,square,rectangular, ovals tubes cutting and different open section, has innovative features for unprecedented speed and flexibility. Can achieve through working 3D complex junctions for structures more aesthetically appreciable with clean lines. Ensuring consistent quality and having greater structural integrity

Working range for tubes:

round section from 12 to 220 mm dia.
square section side from 12 to 200 mm
rectangular or oval-plate section inscribed in a circle of 285 mm dia. with 10 mm minimum side, 200 mm maximum side
lenght 2500 mm minimum, 8500 mm maximum
scrap end bar reduced to 110 mm
maximum weight 35 kg/m

Working range for open sections:

- strap from 40x5 to 200x12 mm
- L,C,U section from 30x20 to 200x200 mm

Main advantages:

tools and fixing mask elimination
high working precisions compatible with the next welding operation
able to carry out complicated cutting profiles (gain,holes, etc..)
fins elimination
high production flexibility
constant quality and greater structural integrity
maximun design freedom using the 3D head
reduction in timing for manufacturing new products
reduction of production costs particularly on medium-small ranges

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